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    It is need to known that  we don't any relation with fake website ( The evil-minded persons were imitiated our journal website ( by use of same web design and similar domain name of our society website ( 

    The website of Society of Field Crops Science is "".
    The website of Turkish Journal of Field Crops is "".

    Please consider these two websites.

    It is also possible to avoid from fake website by checking DOI numbers at  "". When checking the DOI number of articles, you will be directed to article informations at "" is our govermental (ULAKBIM and TUBITAK) foundation for all Turkish journals.

    Please don't give chance to evil-minded people.

    Best regards.


    Dear Visitors of this Website

    Some evil -minded persons have imitated our Turkish Journal of Field Crops   during  last two  years .(2020 and 2021).They have accepted out of scope manuscripts and published in a fake electronic Journal .They are ruthless scavengers and played with our well reputed journal without a pity.Please do not believe such strange offers and fake websites since they are the real cheaters of  scientific arena.Best wishes.

    Prof.Dr.Metin Birkan YILDIRIM

    Editor - in - Chief